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Arthur Hastings

Hastings, Ph.D.
Former President and Dean, Sofia University
Director, William James Center for Consciousness Studies
Executive Core Faculty Member
Ph.D. in Public Address & Small Group Communication, Northwestern University
M.A. in Public Address, Northwestern University
B.A. in Speech and Drama, Tulane University

Arthur Hastings is a professor and researcher at Sofia University. He is a former president and dean of Sofia. He is also a former faculty chair and past president of the professional Association for Transpersonal Psychology. He is also director of the William James Center for Consciousness Studies at the school. His areas of specialization are transpersonal theory, research methods, rhetoric and argument theory, states of consciousness, and parapsychology.

Prior to his appointment at Sofia in 1975, Arthur taught at Stanford University (where he directed the Institute for Science Fiction and Fantasy), the University of Nevada and the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has conducted research on remote viewing, hypnosis, dreams, stress, and bereavement. Arthur and a student team have developed and are currently researching a psychomanteum mirror gazing process for bereavement feelings, creativity and self-awareness.

He is the author of With the Tongues of Men and Angels: A Study of Channeling, co-author of Argumentation and Advocacy, Changing Images of Man, and senior editor of Health for the Whole Person, an award-winning book on holistic medicine. He is also the book review editor of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Arthur's recent publications include articles on transpersonal theory, scientists’ resistance to belief and a diversity bibliography. He has also published research on the evocation of non-drug altered states through hypnosis.